How to lucid dream?

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Published: 03rd June 2013
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Lucid dreaming denotes a personís capability of becoming continuously knowledgeable about their dream while dreaming. When a person is lucid dreaming, not only will he be conscious of him dreaming, but he may also be capable being in complete control of his dream as well.
Lucid dreaming is particularly good for the people who may feel miserable with their lives, tensed with work, wish to eliminate bad dreams or just desire to have fun in the world they create. To lucid dream, carry out the following steps:

1.Remember your dreams

You possibly have been told by many individuals that they are not dreamers or they do not dream. Conversely, in real life, studies show that absolutely everyone can dream and does dream, however, certain individuals may just forget or not remember their dreams, thus allowing them to be fully unaware that they have been dreaming. To take into account that you have been dreaming, have a go at making a conscious effort to not forget a dram by telling yourself that you will remember your dream right when you wake up, several times. Voice it out as many times as possible, until to drift off to deep sleep. As soon as you wake up, be sure to note down the details of your dream in a journal or tape recorder so that you could recollect the patterns and details of these dreams later again. Monitoring your dreams will help you to identify particular elements which may signal that you are dreaming.

2.Look for dream signals

Just about every single dream possesses elements or individuals that might possibly point out the fact that you are dreaming. For instance, you might meet someone like Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe or mother Teresa, thus getting an obvious sign from these dreams that these folks are actually dead in real life. Likewise, you are probably soaring high up in the sky with wings. Whatever that is not found or not acknowledged in the real world, may be accepted as a dream signal.

3.Focus on the elements surrounding you

Try to make a conscious effort to concentrate on all the objects and people who are around you. Utilize all of your senses: feel, smell, listen, speak and taste, whenever practical. Once you are capable of concentrating intentionally on the physical world, you may be able to apply the same process in your own dreams too.

4.Keep performing reality tests

Routinely questioning yourself if you happen to be dreaming is the most effective approach when it comes to lucid dreaming. Obviously, the response will most likely be no, however, you must make sure you understand why you find yourself to be not dreaming. How exactly does this world differ from your dream world? In the actual world, you may be unable to fly with wings and you will most likely not be reading a text message for more than a few seconds. Discover genuine indications in the physical world. You may start to understand that your dreams, in essence, carry out particular variations which make them not the same as the real-world elements. Once you distinguish these variations and signals from the real world and execute reality tests, it will be possible to apply the same procedures in the dream world, thereby, enabling you to recognize that you happen to be dreaming. This will allow you to transform regular dreams into lucid dreams.

5.Continue lucid dreaming

Probably the most effective method to make sure that you continue lucid dreaming would be to ensure that you always keep calm using approaches like dreaming spinning and self-communication. In the event that you begin to sense that you might be losing your capability to lucid dream, unwind, relax and calm yourself down by talking with yourself. Make sure you recognize features of your dreams that differ from real life.
Dreaming spinning is an area of dreaming, wherein, you sense inadequate control over your dream and therefore you begin to spin in your head, much like a tornado, while dreaming. You should never be worried about such dreams, because you are totally secure, thus giving youíre the ability to fluctuate the real world features of your dream to any extent you desire. Dream spinning enables you to concentrate your focus to make sure you continue to be lucid in your dreams.

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